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The Baja Clean Water Project

The Baja Clean Water Project

At JANE & CLAY CO., we are committed to giving back to the communities that we serve as part of our ongoing Giving Tour campaign. 

That’s why we’ve started a new project in the Baja California, Mexico area, to improve access to clean water for impoverished families in the region. Named the Baja Clean Water Project, our goal is to ensure that every family in the local community can get the clean water that their family needs. 

Why Focus on Clean Water? 

JANE & CLAY CO. Baja Water Project

In Mexico, over 50% of the country’s 125.5 million residents face water scarcity - that’s an astonishing 63 million people! 

This water scarcity is exacerbated even further by natural disasters such as droughts, which dry up the country’s natural water sources, and earthquakes and hurricanes, which lead to the destruction of critical water infrastructure like water purification plants and pipelines. 

JANE & CLAY CO. Helps Communities in Mexico Gain Access to Clean Water

Even when the water infrastructure isn’t damaged by a natural disaster, it’s often inadequate, aging or faulty. In fact, approximately 35% of drinkable water in Mexico is lost to poor distribution, like leaking pipes. Even when the water infrastructure is working, some communities in Mexico only receive water for a few hours per day or per week - a situation that is unimaginable for most of us living in developed nations, where we can access clean water around-the-clock.

In smaller towns and communities across the country, the situation is even more dire. Since most infrastructure funding goes towards larger cities, the water systems in rural areas are worse. In fact, small towns like Endho use polluted water from larger cities like Mexico City for their agriculture needs, simply because they do not have access to clean water options. While environmental laws do exist in Mexico, they are often disregarded and poorly enforced. 

JANE & CLAY CO. Giving Tour Recipient Pours Water in a Rural Town in Baja California, Mexico

The health consequences of drinking polluted water are severe. Contaminated water contains toxic levels of arsenic and fluoride, chemicals that should not be consumed in drinking water, especially at high levels. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), these chemicals pose a serious health hazard that can lead to more health issues later in life, including tooth decay, skeletal damage, pigmentation change and thickening of the skin, and even skin, lung, bladder and kidney cancer. 

Making a Difference 

Although access to clean water is a systemic issue that isn’t easily resolved, JANE & CLAY CO. believes that we together can make a difference as part of the, “ Baja Clean Water Project “


And 10% of the profit will be donated to Baja Clean Water Project.

JANE & CLAY CO. Baja Water Project  to Access Clean Water in Mexico

Our team of volunteers visits the Baja California area of Tijuana Baja California to distribute bottles of clean water to those in need. By providing families with clean drinking water, we can prevent further health complications from developing as a result of drinking contaminated water. Because at JANE & CLAY CO., we believe that access to clean water is a human right.

So, every time you wear your JANE & CLAY CO. bag, you can feel good knowing that your purchase has had a positive impact on a family in need, allowing them to get clean drinking water and live a better quality of life. Buy a bag today, and make an impact tomorrow.

To learn more about the JANE & CLAY CO. Giving Tour, check out our How We Give Back blog post.

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