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About Us

About Us



The JANE & CLAY CO. brand was created based on the inspiring work of Janeth Moyal. Janeth is a former model turned serial entrepreneur with a passion for both fashion and business. Janeth is also dedicated to community service, with a strong belief in giving back to those less fortunate. As a result, Janeth created the JANE & CLAY CO. brand, which strives to make a difference in the lives of others by creating stylish, fashion-forward women’s bags, and donating the proceeds towards helping struggling single parent families in need.

Our founder, Janeth Moyal, always had a desire to help others in need. Rather than create a non-profit organization or rely on charity, however, she founded JANE & CLAY CO. so that she could give back to the community while also providing customers with high-quality, fashionable bags and accessories. She was inspired by other brands, like TOMS Shoes and BOMBAS, who give back to others in need. However, it was important to her to not only give back, but to create high-quality products for customers that she’s proud of.

Janeth Moyal explained, "Having discovered Marine Grade materials, which are eco-friendly and vegan, I started to design a unique backpack that is handcrafted in Mexico and in the United States.” She continued, “I designed the Ultimate All-in-One Bag after having traveled extensively in my life, all while managing retail stores and a household of seven children. I have always struggled to find a bag that looks stylish and classy, but that's also versatile, lightweight and functional with a lot of pockets. That is how I came to create JANE & CLAY CO. designer bags and backpacks.”



10% Of All Of Our Profit Is Donated to Those Who Need it Most


Having been raised by a single mother in Mexico, Janeth saw first-hand the struggle that their own mother went through while trying to raise her children on a limited income without the support of another parent. Many single parents struggle to afford even basic necessities like food, water and adequate shelter, let alone other purchases like school supplies, books and toys.

That’s why, when Janeth immigrated to the United States and started numerous successful businesses, she knew that she had to do something to make a difference in the lives of these families, having experienced herself the poverty that they face everyday. She started JANE & CLAY CO. as a way to make an impact on her community back in Mexico, by donating bags of food, water and other essentials to impoverished single parent families. Our commitment is to give back for each item we make.

This mission is the driving force behind all that we do at JANE & CLAY CO. Our company exists to support and connect with single parent families, and to bring awareness to this issue. While there are many charities that serve children and those living in poverty, single-parent households are often overlooked.

Items Donated by JANE & CLAY CO., The Travel and Everyday Bag Brand:

JANE & CLAY CO. was founded on the philosophy of donating bags of essential items like food, water and more to single parent households in need, but our brand has evolved to go deeper into the community.

We team up with local sources to conduct regular visits to orphanages and the homes of abandoned seniors. Our team takes notes on what their needs are and we work to meet those needs. We also spend time with them by having conversations or reading to them, to spread love in small and simple yet rewarding ways.

“You never know whose life you could change by the simple act of making a purchase and by sharing love and compassion”

Oftentimes, we don’t always think of the impact on others when we shop. With the advent of online shopping, it can be easy to buy whatever we need with just the click of a mouse, without regard to the impact (or lack of impact) that our purchases are having. When you buy a JANE & CLAY CO. bag, however, you can be proud that you’ve helped a single parent family in need; so you can shop to your heart’s content, knowing that your dollars have made an impact.

JANE & CLAY CO. bags are made out of quality, USA-made marine grade materials that provide you with a high value for your purchase. But we don’t just believe in providing value through our products - we also believe in the value of giving back. That’s why, for every purchase you make, we donate 10% of the profit to a needy single-parent family.

Thanks to the support of our customer base, JANE & CLAY CO. has donated over 1,050 bags of food, water and essential items to 1,050 families in the Baja California, Mexico area. Our team of local brand ambassadors visits our beneficiary families weekly to provide them with the support and necessities they need, making their lives just a little bit easier. As Lori Deschene once said, “You can never know how many lives you’ve touched...Even the tiniest acts of love, kindness and compassion can have a massive ripple effect."

Our Travel & Every Day Bags:

JANE & CLAY CO. bags are made of ethical, Premium USA-made marine grade materials that will elevate your look. Our bags are made out of a luxury eco-friendly, 100% vegan leather that is not only sustainable and with an exceptional reliability made, but edgy and stylish as well. Our unique unisex bags show superior craftsmanship, with an attention to detail that is simply unmatched. Raise your standards while changing the lives of others.



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