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JANE & CLAY CO. Completes Another Successful Giving Tour

JANE & CLAY CO. Completes Another Successful Giving Tour

The JANE & CLAY CO. team recently completed another successful humanitarian trip as part of our ongoing giving tour campaign. Check out our video below to see how together, we've made a difference:

Our team of local brand ambassadors delivered bags of food to a number of needy single-parent households in the Tijuana and Tecate areas of Mexico. Unfortunately, there are many impoverished areas in Mexico; some of these areas are very dangerous, and often difficult to get to due to the condition of the roads and other infrastructure. When visiting the families, the JANE & CLAY CO. team noticed that many of their homes did not have adequate bathroom or kitchen facilities that would enable them to take a proper shower or cook a meal. 

An impoverished town in the Baja California area of Mexico

According to a 2019 report published by Mexico’s National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL), nearly 42% of the country’s population lives in poverty. Although poverty rates have decreased over the past 10 years, the number of Mexicans without access to basic needs like food, decent housing and healthcare has fallen by a mere 3%. This means that an overwhelming amount of the population is still living below the poverty line, and don’t have the means necessary to purchase a basic basket of goods.

A young boy runs through the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, which is ripe with poverty

JANE & CLAY CO. wants to change this very harsh reality. That’s why,  JANE & CLAY CO. Donates 10% of all our profit  and help to provide necessities like food, water and other essential items to an impoverished single parent family. Our mission is to make these families’ lives a little bit easier by equipping them with everyday items that will help them to make ends meet. Be part of the solution and help us in our commitment to improving these communities and the lives of those living in them. Buy a bag and be part of our movement !

A poor family in Tijuana, Mexico receives a bag of food, water and other donated necessities

To learn more about our Giving Tour, check out our giving tour FAQs

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