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JANE & CLAY CO. Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

JANE & CLAY CO. Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

Support Organizations in Need 

JANE & CLAY CO. works with shelters, nonprofits, and organizations dedicated to helping single moms in need and at-risk communities. JANE & CLAY CO.  prides itself on its high-quality relationships with these organizations.

Fellowship Housing

If you’ve been following our brand for a while, you’ll know that we recently made a donation to Fellowship Housing, a non-profit organization that provides housing and financial assistance to single mothers across the United States. Not only does this charity work to help single mothers meet their daily needs, they also started a relief fund to provide much-needed financial support to these moms during the coronavirus pandemic. The JANE & CLAY CO. team is proud to support Fellowship Housing during these difficult times, especially since their mission is so closely tied to our goal to help single parents in need. 

One single mom who benefited from the services at Fellowship Housing said, “I was a young mother with two kids. When my husband lost his job, he freaked out and left us with no income and a ton of debt. The creditors followed me everywhere, but as much as I wanted to pay them I had no money. I felt like a criminal and a failure, but I was still a mom. Then I found Fellowship Housing through a local church. With a safe place to live and counselors to help me work through my bills, I found I could work and take care of my kids and go to school. After two years, my credit history was clean, I had money in the bank and was able to move into my own home again. Thank you, Fellowship Housing, for a hand up and not a hand-out.” 

To learn more about Fellowship Housing and to read more about the inspiring stories of the families that they have helped, visit their website.

"Our biggest thanks for all the invaluable work you do for your community"


UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) 

More recently, the JANE & CLAY CO. team made a donation to UNICEF, a United Nations initiative that advocates for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. The organization is guided by the Convention of the Rights of the Child, and is committed to ensuring special protection for the world’s most disadvantaged children - including victims of war, disasters, extreme poverty, violence, exploitation and those with disabilities. Working across 190+ countries and territories for the past 70 years, the organization has made tremendous strides in protecting the health, safety and development of children, including providing vaccines, supporting child nutrition, increasing access to safe water and sanitation, giving quality education and skill building.

UNICEF, while focused primarily on children, also aligns with JANE & CLAY CO.’s mission to give back. The organization supports children living in poverty, who are often raised in single-parent homes. For example, David Corena is a single father raising three kids in El Salvador, a country plagued by civil war, gang violence and organized crime. David’s daughter Lupita says of her dad, “He has always been supportive and he has never turned his back on me. I have always been with him.” Lupita and her two step-siblings participate in a UNICEF-supported initiative called Conacaste Eco Cultura, which provides safe, educational and creative spaces for local families, and allows them to participate in projects to improve their neighborhood. 

To learn more about UNICEF and the stories of the families and programs they support, visit their website.

"Our biggest thanks for all the invaluable work you do for your community"

Giving Back

For every purchase you make, JANE & CLAY CO. donates 10% of our profit to organizations that support families in need. So, every time you don your JANE & CLAY CO. bag, you can be proud that you’ve contributed to helping others who are less fortunate. 

To learn more about how JANE & CLAY CO. gives back, please visit our How We Give webpage. 

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