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Resources To Support The Black Community

Resources To Support The Black Community

Black Lives Matter. JANE & CLAY CO. supports the entire Black community.  We stand against inequality and racism


In order to combat against racism, JANE & CLAY CO. would like to highlight the following two organizations, which are working tirelessly to combat systemic inequality faced by those in the Black community. We are adding these organizations to our list of nonprofits that we contribute funds to as part of our annual giving. To learn more about these organizations and how you can contribute to their cause, read on below.

Sister's Circle

Sister’s Circle provides women of color with a safe and supportive network where they can receive mentorship, lifeskills, healthy living programs, and goal setting opportunities. Sister’s Circle also provides women with assistance to overcome hurdles in their lives, including issues such as homelessness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and chronic illnesses. The organization is based in San Francisco, California, and is 100% funded by donations and fundraising initiatives led by their dedicated staff. 

One of the women who participates in Sister’s Circle’s Women’s Support Network commented, “Sister’s Circle has been a very big support in staying clean and positive. The women have shown me the importance of showing up for my recovery. I am very comfortable with the women there, and I love all of the feedback that I receive to be a better person.” 

To learn more about Sister’s Circle and how you can help them in their mission, click here.

A Second U Foundation

A Second U was founded by Hector Guadalupe, after he spent 10 years in federal prison for drug dealing. After completing his sentence, Hector found that few employers were willing to give him a second chance. As a result, he started his own business, focusing on helping other formerly incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives through skills training, job placements, personal coaching, and community building. To date, their programs have helped employ over 200 formerly incarcerated men. A Second U Foundation is proud to help members as they re-integrate with their communities, cope with PTSD and anxiety, and move past being defined by their criminal record. 

“It was a motivation to be better in every way,” said Rick Keeper, who participated in the Second U Foundation’s program. “You can actually see the growth mentally, physically and spiritually. There aren’t too many not-for-profit programs offering second chances like this,” he explained. A Second U also has a 0% rate of participants re-offending, demonstrating that they are truly turning their lives around. The organization is based in New York City and is run by Hector, the Founder, and Katie, Director of Operations and a teacher with the New York Department of Education.

To learn more about A Second U Foundation and how you can contribute to their program, click here.

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