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Commitment to our Giving Tour Beneficiary Families | JANE & CLAY CO.

Commitment to our Giving Tour Beneficiary Families | JANE & CLAY CO.

The JANE & CLAY CO. team recently completed another successful giving tour in the Baja California, Mexico area. For our new followers, a giving tour involves the JANE & CLAY CO. team visiting an impoverished neighborhood in Mexico and delivering goods like food, clothing and other necessities to needy families to help make their lives just a little bit easier.

Janeth Moyal, CEO of JANE & CLAY CO., presents a bag full of food and other necessities to a giving tour recipient

As a company, JANE & CLAY CO. is truly committed to giving back to our giving tour beneficiary families. Our team doesn’t just go into these impoverished communities to drop off a bag of food or clothes every once in a while. On the contrary, we connect with these families by listening to their stories and learning about their needs. Our team writes down all of the items that the families say that they need, and returns week after week to deliver the food and other essentials that they had listed.

An impoverished neighborhood in the Tijuana, Mexico area with dilapidated homes

With the recent rains in the Northwestern region of Mexico, many of the families are looking for roof coverings to prevent rain from leaking through the roof and flooding their homes. Another in-demand item is soccer balls; it’s no surprise that soccer is a major sport in Mexico, and the children love the soccer balls our team brought them the last time we visited. One 10-year-old girl by the name of Yeraldin requested some new clothes and shoes as she washed her school uniform in a pail of water.

A young girl plays soccer in an impoverished town in the Baja California, Mexico area

Our founder, Janeth Moyal, loves connecting with the giving tour beneficiary families and giving them hope for the future. She also loves that she gets to connect with them on a personal level- they all know her and the other JANE & CLAY CO. team members by name. Several families have even hung up their reusable JANE & CLAY CO. bag in their home as a testimony to how much they look forward to seeing Janeth and the rest of our team on a weekly basis.

Inside a giving tour beneficiary family's home is a JANE & CLAY CO. bag hung up

Ten percent of all our company profits go towards helping these families in need. So when you wear your JANE & CLAY CO. bag, you can be proud knowing that your purchase has gone towards helping someone less fortunate and brightening their day.

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