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Giving Back | Generating Acts of Human Kindness

Giving Back | Generating Acts of Human Kindness

How We Give Back

At JANE & CLAY CO., our mission is more than creating high-quality, travel fashion backpacks for women. Our company also seeks to create an atmosphere of joy and compassion, and inspire you to be of service to others by generating acts of human kindness. That’s why, for every backpack you purchase, you help to feed a single-mother family. 10% of all our profits is donated to families in need in Mexico, 

Making a Difference

USE CODE:  FeedBaja

And 10% of the profit will be donated to "Feed Baja Project"

Every week, our team visits impoverished communities in Tijuana, Mexico, where we provide food, clothing, and books to needy local households. Many of these households are headed by single mothers, just like the home our founder, Janeth, was raised in. 

Janeth commented, “We don’t want our customers to think that they’re just buying a bag; we want to involve them and have them know that their purchase has humanitarian value as well. Without realizing it, they are brightening the day of many poverty-stricken individuals.”


Giving Tour

According to the National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics (INEGI), over the course of 35 years, the percentage of female-headed households in Mexico has increased from 13% to 23%. With this often comes an increase in poverty, as single-parent households struggle to put food on the table on a sole income. 

Single Mother Mexico 

This is why JANE & CLAY CO. employs single mothers in Mexico and the United States, giving them a sustainable source of income by handcrafting luxurious, eco-friendly bags made from superior materials. So when you wear your JANE & CLAY CO. backpack, you can be proud that you’ve supported single-mom households in need.

Our Giving Tours

The JANE & CLAY CO. team recently completed a successful giving tour in the Baja California, Mexico area. For our new followers, a giving tour involves the JANE & CLAY CO. team visiting an impoverished neighborhood in Mexico and delivering goods like food, clothing and other necessities to needy families to help make their lives just a little bit easier.

Janeth Moyal, CEO of JANE & CLAY CO., presents a bag full of food and other necessities to a giving tour recipient

Many people think of Mexico solely as a place full of resorts where they vacation, or go to party on spring break - unbeknownst to them, the country is actually fraught with poverty. According to the CIA World Factbook, Mexico has a per capita income roughly one-third that of the US, and income distribution remains highly unequal among its citizens. Over 46% of Mexicans live below the poverty line; due to a variety of factors, including high inequality, weak rule of law, corruption and informal work employing over half the workforce, the country’s economic situation is unlikely to change. 

The situation is even more stark for single-parent families in Mexico. According to the National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics (INEGI), over the course of 35 years, the percentage of female-headed households in Mexico has increased from 13% to 23%. In large urban centers like Mexico City, 35% of households are headed by a single mother. With this often comes an increase in poverty, as these single-parent households struggle to put food on the table on a sole income. Single mothers also face more socioeconomic and personal challenges, such as lower pay, workplace discrimination, and domestic violence.

An impoverished neighborhood in the Tijuana, Mexico area with dilapidated homes

Despite these hardships, there is hope. Janeth Moyal, the founder of JANE & CLAY CO., decided to start a company that gives back to single-parent families facing poverty in Mexico. For this reason, JANE & CLAY CO. is truly committed to giving back to our giving tour beneficiary families. Our team doesn’t just go into these impoverished communities to drop off a bag of food or clothes every once in a while. On the contrary, we connect with these families by listening to their stories and learning about their needs. Our team writes down all of the items that the families say that they need, and returns week after week to deliver the food and other essentials that they had listed.

As Janeth commented in our recent giving tour video, “Everyone has requests for things that they need, and I love to bring it back to them,” she stated. She continued, gesturing to a young woman beside her, “She doesn’t have furniture inside her home, she doesn’t have a chair, she doesn’t have a table, she barely has any...she’s sleeping on the floor.”   

With the recent rains in the Northwestern region of Mexico, many of the families are looking for roof coverings to prevent rain from leaking through the roof and flooding their homes. Another in-demand item is soccer balls; it’s no surprise that soccer is a major sport in Mexico, and the children love the soccer balls our team brought them the last time we visited. One 10-year-old girl by the name of Yeraldin requested some new clothes and shoes as she washed her school uniform in a pail of water.

A young girl plays soccer in an impoverished town in the Baja California, Mexico area

Our founder, Janeth Moyal, loves connecting with the giving tour beneficiary families and giving them hope for the future. She also loves that she gets to connect with them on a personal level- they all know her and the other JANE & CLAY CO. team members by name. Unlike many other organizations with charitable causes, that operate by making faceless donations, JANE & CLAY CO. believes it’s important to get to know the people that we’re impacting. 

The giving tour beneficiary families also enjoy the weekly visits from the JANE & CLAY CO. team. Several families have even hung up their reusable JANE & CLAY CO. bag in their home as a testimony to how much they look forward to seeing Janeth and the rest of our team on a weekly basis.

Inside a giving tour beneficiary family's home is a JANE & CLAY CO. bag hung up

Ten percent of all our company profits go towards helping these families in need. So when you wear your JANE & CLAY CO. bag, you can be proud knowing that your purchase has gone towards helping someone less fortunate and brightening their day. Join us on our mission to alleviate poverty among single-parent families, and wear your JANE & CLAY CO. bag with pride.

Another Week of Giving Back

The JANE & CLAY CO. team recently completed another successful humanitarian trip as part of our ongoing giving tour campaign. Check out our video below to see how together, we've made a difference:

Our team of local brand ambassadors delivered bags of food to a number of needy single-parent households in the Tijuana and Tecate areas of Mexico. Unfortunately, there are many impoverished areas in Mexico; some of these areas are very dangerous, and often difficult to get to due to the condition of the roads and other infrastructure. When visiting the families, the JANE & CLAY CO. team noticed that many of their homes did not have adequate bathroom or kitchen facilities that would enable them to take a proper shower or cook a meal.

An impoverished town in the Baja California area of Mexico

According to a 2019 report published by Mexico’s National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL), nearly 42% of the country’s population lives in poverty. Although poverty rates have decreased over the past 10 years, the number of Mexicans without access to basic needs like food, decent housing and healthcare has fallen by a mere 3%. This means that an overwhelming amount of the population is still living below the poverty line, and don’t have the means necessary to purchase a basic basket of goods.

A young boy runs through the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, which is ripe with poverty 

JANE & CLAY CO. wants to change this very harsh reality. That’s why, JANE & CLAY CO. donates 10% of all our profit and helps to provide necessities like food, water and other essential items to an impoverished single parent family. Our mission is to make these families’ lives a little bit easier by equipping them with everyday items that will help them to make ends meet. Be part of the solution and help us in our commitment to improving these communities and the lives of those living in them. Buy a bag and be part of our movement!

A poor family in Tijuana, Mexico receives a bag of food, water and other donated necessities

Learn More

Thanks to your support, JANE & CLAY CO. donates essential items like food, water, clothing and monetary support to Giving Partners – from non-profit organizations to community organizations.

To learn more about the JANE & CLAY CO. giving tour, please visit our How We Give page and check out our giving tour FAQs

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