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The Value of Handcrafted JANE & CLAY CO. Bags

The Value of Handcrafted JANE & CLAY CO. Bags

As many of our followers know, JANE & CLAY CO. bags are handmade by skilled artisan women. There are several reasons that we choose to handcraft our bags, rather than mass produce machine-made products. 

The first reason is quality. JANE & CLAY CO. bags offer a superior craftsmanship that is second to none. Our bags are made by skilled craftswomen in the United States using high-quality, marine-grade materials that are built to last. This means that you can count on your JANE & CLAY CO. bag to last for many years to come, unlike other bags. Our bags are both stylish and classic - meaning that not only will the material last, but your bag will also last with the ever-changing fashion landscape. 

A skilled artisan handcrafts a homemade leather women's bag

Beyond the quality disparity between handmade and mass-produced goods, is the missing human connection. I recall once opening a box of chocolates to find a note from the individual who had put together the chocolates by hand - a woman by the name of Maria. Not only were the chocolates delicious, I realized that I appreciated the product so much more because I felt connected to the person who had put it together for my enjoyment. Similarly, since 10% of our profits go towards helping our giving tour beneficiary families, you can feel a human connection knowing that your purchase has positively impacted an impoverished family in need.  

A skilled artisan woman handcrafts a leather bag for JANE & CLAY CO.

Though mass-market products have taken over America, there has been a recent resurgence in homemade goods. Platforms like Etsy and Shopify have made selling handmade items over the web possible for many small mom-and-pop type retailers. What’s more, many consumers, tired of the same generic, poor quality goods, are craving handcrafted items that have that personal touch, and whose profits contribute directly to improving the lives of its artisans. 

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