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Q&A: What to Look for in Your Next Yoga Bag ?

Q&A: What to Look for in Your Next Yoga Bag ?

Are you new to the world of yoga, or are you an expert yogi that can do a vinyasa flow in your sleep? Regardless of your level of experience, you’ll need to have the right yoga bag to complement your practice. And, you’ll need to keep your yoga bag stocked with the right materials so that you’re prepared the next time you come to your mat. So, here are the answers to several commonly asked questions we at JANE & CLAY CO. get about what to look for in a yoga bag. 

Question: What kind of yoga bag is right for me? 

Answer: Firstly, you’ll want to look for a sturdy, spacious yoga bag that can easily carry your non-slip yoga mat of choice. A brand with strong straps and buckles that will clasp to your mat and keep it snug when you’re walking to and from the yoga studio is best. You’ll also want a bag that has plenty of pockets, where you can store items like your phone, hair ties, yoga towel and water bottle. Finally, you’ll want to have a bag that can be easily cleaned, and preferably waterproof, since a good yoga workout can leave you sweaty (think hot yoga!), and you won’t want any stains to be left behind on your bag. Check out the video below that showcases our model with her all-white, JANE & CLAY CO. yoga bag. 

Question: What’s the most important thing to look for in a yoga bag? 

Answer: Beyond the factors cited above, you’ll want a bag that is versatile. You may be running to your yoga class after work, or before school starts - so, you’ll want a bag that can store your other essentials, like your laptop, textbooks, and more. A convertible bag that can take you from your yoga practice to school, the office, or into your busy mom life is a necessity for every yogi. That’s why we built JANE & CLAY CO. bags with such versatility in mind; measuring 15” by 11.5” by 6”, our bags are roomy enough to carry everything you need to get through your day, and the straps can be tightened or removed when you’re no longer carrying your yoga mat. 

JANE & CLAY CO. yoga bag, white yoga bag, yoga mat, best yoga bag, yoga backpack

JANE & CLAY CO. yoga bag, white yoga bag, yoga mat, best yoga bag, yoga backpack

Question: Does style matter when it comes to yoga? 

Answer: With the rise of athleisure fashion, many individuals are looking for both fashion and function when it comes to their fitness apparel and other exercise accessories. That’s why at JANE & CLAY CO., we carry a variety of bags with different material and hardware colors, so that you can find the right yoga bag that will complement your unique style. Pictured here are our yoga bags in two of our favorite colors, sunny yellow and happy turquoise - but we have many more colors to choose from! 

JANE & CLAY CO. yellow backpack for yoga, yoga bag, fashion yoga bag, yoga mat with bag

JANE & CLAY CO. blue backpack for yoga, yoga bag, fashion yoga bag, yoga mat with bag

Question: Are there eco-friendly options out there? 

Answer: If you’re like most yogis, you’re probably looking for a yoga bag that not only looks as stylish as it is functional, but is also planet-friendly. Thankfully, JANE & CLAY CO. yoga bags are made out of a eco-friendly. That means our bags are good for the environment. So you can say sayonara to leather options, and opt for yoga accessories that still have all the softness and style of the real thing. 


With all that in mind, are you ready to look for your next yoga bag? Check out JANE & CLAY CO.’s very own yoga bag, the Ultimate All-in-One Bag, here. And shop the full collection to check out all of our athlete-friendly backpacks and belt bags. So, the next time you’re in tree pose - you may not be able to count on your balance, but you can count on your JANE & CLAY CO. yoga bag to carry you through your yoga ritual. 

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