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The Ultimate Travel Backpack | JANE & CLAY CO.

The Ultimate Travel Backpack | JANE & CLAY CO.

The Ultimate Travel Backpack 


JANE & CLAY CO. Sustainable & Ethical Brand

The Original 

The Travel | Everyday Bag 

Handcrafted with premium vegan lather 

We’re all active and crazy busy, and trying to carry everything we need in a tiny purse or large tote can be frustrating and tiring. That's why we designed a highly functional backpack, called the Ultimate All-in-One Bag, that is lightweight and spacious, with plenty of stretchable pockets to fit all of your belongings.

Contrary to popular belief, backpacks are not just for students; they’re actually a highly convenient method of staying organized and hands-free while out and about. Our Ultimate All-in-One Bag is an everyday backpack that is cute and durable, yet offers a stylish and attractive component to anyone’s wardrobe - no matter what you’re wearing.

The Ultimate All In One Bag is made in 3 collection :

#1 Soft Vegan Leather 

#2 Ostrich Vegan Leather

#3 Crocodile Vegan Leather

Here’s why our everyday backpack is perfect for daily use:

  • It unisex, which means it doesn’t matter what gender you identify as, it’s going to work. It also works with every outfit, whether you’re dressing up for an event or walking your kids to school.

  • The JC everyday backpack is made of eco-friendly materials, including vegan leather, which makes it strong and able to stand up to the elements, surviving the sun and any harsh moisture. The backpack is also handmade in either the USA or Mexico by women with a focus on a Grade 3 SSR finish, anti-dust coating, and nylon coil zippers.

  • Have a lot you need to carry? The everyday backpack has ten pockets on the inside that you can use to carry your personal items. If you’re going to work, slide your laptop, phone, charger, work folders, and lunch box inside with room to spare. If you’re a mom with a baby or young child, fit your bottles, diapers, wipes, favorite toys, and more, and still have extra room to attach your yoga mat or blanket as well.

  • When the bag is not in use, the 2-inch straps and sturdy hook lets you hang it, set it, or store it away without any hassle. It also fits perfectly under a stroller or, using the attached luggage sleeve, sits snugly on top of your suitcase when travelling. The lightweight bag also makes travelling a breeze - no more bulky duffel bags!

  • Our everyday backpack goes far beyond your typical expectations for a backpack. We’ve designed the bag with every person in mind. Keep your valuables in the hidden pocket, which is perfect for storing your phone, keys, and wallet.

  • Most purses and bags hang on your shoulder or need to be carried by hand, but the everyday backpack sits comfortably on your back, allowing you to go hands-free to carry your child, ride a bike, go shopping, or just walk with your morning coffee. The bag is lightweight and holds items perfectly without becoming awkward or uneven; your shoulders will remain comfortable at all times.

Backpacks have been popular for decades but haven't really evolved for the modern, tech-savvy wearer. Many have introduced laptop sleeves, but often at the expense of space and style. Our everyday backpack is a welcome breath of fresh air for any busy person who’s begging for fashion, sustainability, and design - all in one.

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