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What to carry: purse vs. backpack vs. other bag?

What to carry: purse vs. backpack vs. other bag?

Doctor. Robert A. Hayden, a chiropractor and founder of The Iris City Chiropractic Center in Atlanta and Doctor Karen Erickson shared some important facts about how a handbag and wreak havoc on your back in an interview conducted by HuffPost titled “Why Your Purse is Giving You Backpain… And 11 Ways To Fix It.” A purse can ruin your natural walking frame. When you walk your arms naturally sway in such a way that your body remains balanced, and your posture is kept symmetrically. When you have a purse, it keeps one arm from swaying in that natural way which ruins that symmetrical movement of your arms swinging, keeping your body of centered and off balanced as you walk. This is a sure-fire way to develop back problems. If a heavy purse is constantly held on one side of the body, for example if an individual always carries their purse on their left side, over an extended period of time, the trapezius muscle will begin to form abnormally in such a way that ruins your posture. If you have your left trapezius muscle significantly bigger than your other trapezius muscle, your body can’t walk in a natural symmetrical way because one shoulder is swaying more dominant than the other. The neck muscle, responsible for rotation of your head will also be greatly affected by a heavy purse. When only one of your shoulders is carrying a load, your neck muscle (sternocleidomastoid) will also play an important role in carrying that load along with the trapezius muscle. Over a prolonged period, this has been found to lead to an early diagnosis of arthritis in that neck, shoulder, and lower back. Dr. Erickson advises that having a cross-body strap option for a bag is infinitely better than having a purse. It will relieve the neck, shoulder, and lower back muscles of unnecessary stress, help to prevent arthritis, and allow you to walk in a symmetrical way so that you remain centered and balanced.

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